Scanning with AutoScan-DS-MIX to Make Toronto Bridge with Superstructures

Case information

Tooth position: Mandibular edentulous jaw & implant #46,#44,#42,#32,#34,#36.
Implant system:#32.#42 Nobel, #34.#36.#44.#46 Dentium
Restoration type: Toronto bridge
Material: Titanium
Superstructure type: 34-44 ceramic crowns, 35-36, 45-46 solidex crowns
Color:#32-42 A2, #33-36 & #43-46 A3
Case source: Shenzhen Jiahong Dental Medical Co. LTD


Step 1. Make Toronto Bridge

1.1 Scan – Create an order

Create an order in the scan software. 

1.1 Scan – Scan with AutoScan-DS-MIX

Scan the model with AutoScan-DS-MIX dental 3D scanner. 

Due to the large angles of 32 and 34, the scan bodies can be collided with each other. So install the scan body of 34 first and scan. Then replace it and install scan body of 32 and get all the data with multiple add-scan.(see the pictures)

1.1 Scan – Scan Result

AutoScan-DS-MIX’s exceptional scan performance, featuring 2*5.0MP high resolution and ≤7μm high accuracy, guarantees reliable scan result, which will largely improve the design & production efficiency. 

1.2 exocad Design – Matching in exocad

It can be told from the color bar the matching error is less than 0.02mm.

1.2 exocad Design

Design the Toronto bridge in exocad.

1.3 Milling

1.4 Complete Toronto Bridge

Based on ideal scan result with excellent CAD designing and milling, the bridge fits perfect on the model. The picture shows the fit situation with only one screw assembled.

1.5 Post-processing of Bridge

Step 2. Make the Superstructure

2.1 Scan-Create an order for superstructures

#34–#44 are PFM crowns

2.1 Scan Toronto Bridge

Scanning with AutoScan-DS-MIX, all the details were perfectly kept. 

2.2 CAD Design with exocad

Design copings from #34-#44

2.3 Post-processing of Superstructures

Printing & grinding for copings

Ceramic building & grinding

Complete solidex

Complete gingiva

In this case 34-44 were ceramic crowns, 35-36, 45-46 were solidex & gingiva.

3. Completion

The AutoScan-DS-MIX high-end dental lab 3D scanner developed by SHINING 3D convinces users with its open design and modular structure featuring fine details, high accuracy as well as high efficiency fulfilling users’ demands of a wide range of applications including but not limited to crowns & bridges,abutments, bars, etc.


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