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SHINING 3D offers complete digital dental solutions for dental labs including 3D scanning with lab scanners, digital designing on CAD softwares and 3D printing with resin 3D printers.


AutoScan-DS-EX Pro(H)

AutoScan-DS-EX Pro(H), developed and manufactured by SHINING 3D, is a 3D dental scanner with powerful functions for multiple applications covering scans of impressions, plaster models, articulators, implant abutments, etc. Its high-resolution cameras, advanced algorithms, and user-friendly interface bring you with superior data quality with optimal experience.


The AccuFab-L4D’s high fidelity of print result brings extraordinary digital dentistry workflow from intraoral scanning to rapid 3D printing.

Lab Scanner

AutoScan-DS-EX Pro(H)

Embrace The 5.0 MP Era

  • Ultra-high Accuracy
  • Unparalleled Details
  • Outstanding Scan Speed
  • Flexible Workflow
  • Backstage Data Processing
  • Versatile Scan Modes
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More Than Details

  • 2×5.0 MP cameras
  • Accuracy ≤7μm
  • Intelligent scan
  • High-end implant 
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AutoScan-DS-EX Pro

Outstanding Scan Speed

  • Upgraded Scan Speed
  • Optimized Non-separated Model Scan
  • Articulator Scan
  • All-in-one Scan
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3D Print


Higher, Faster, Easier

  • Multi-Size Ceramic Platform
  • One-Click Lock
  • Light Board Uniformity withHigh Accuracy
  • Real-Time Cabin EnvironmentDetection and Heating
  • Enhanced Z Axis MovementSystem
  • Six Core CPU Mainboard with5G Hz Connection
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Lit up for Dentistry

  • Connecting the Future
  • Unparalleled Accuracy
  • Large Print Size, 4K Resolution
  • Reliable Performance
  • Multiple Material Options
  • Professional Dental Software

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Dental 3D Printer

  • Fast Print Speed
  • Ultra High Accuracy and Details
  • Intelligent Print
  • Long Lifetime and Low Cost

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Smarter Post-Processing

  • A Consistent, Automated Workflow
  • Automated Part-Release
  • One Size Fits All
  • Never Think About Wash Time Setting Again
  • Easy To Use, Safeguards Your Workplace

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FabCure 2

Fabulous Curing

  • High Power Multi-surface Light Curing
  • Rapid Chamber Heating
  • Customized Curing Parameter
  • Larger Curing Volume
  • Smart Material Library
  • Easy Operation with OLED Screen
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Print Materials

SHINING DENT Print Materials

  • Print materials for dental models, ortho models, wax-ups, gingiva and surgical guides.
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CAD Design


Your Future in Digital Dentistry
  • DentalCAD
  • ChairsideCAD
  • exoPlan

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Maestro 3D Ortho

Powerful Orthodontic Software

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