3D Printing Materials

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DM12 Implant Model (Geller Model)

Dental Model DM12 is the ideal choice for printing separated
models for crown and bridge application. DM12 optimizes
model precision through its lower elasticity and higher
flexural modulus compared to the previous DM11. The
hardness and mechanical properties of the cured resin
allows the DM12 to resist abrasion during seating and
finishing for crown and bridge cases, ensuring a perfect fit
every time. The yellow color offers maximum detection of
margin lines and adjacent contours, and cleanup is easy
thanks to the low viscosity of the resin.

—>Low viscosity, high stability

OD01 Ortho Model

Ortho model OD01 is an excellent choice for printing models
for the fabrication of aligners and orthodontic applications.
The high heat resistance and hardness of OD01 allows for the
cured models to withstand abrasion and maintain accuracy
over multiple uses.

—>High heat resistance, hardness

DC12 Crown, Bridge, Partial Framework

Dental Cast DC12 is a printable wax-like photopolymer
specially developed for investment casting. DC12 is the ideal
resin choice for dental applications such as crown and
bridge casting and cast partial dentures frameworks. DC12
burns out clean and can also be used in pressed ceramic

—>Low deformation, clean burnout outcome

SG01 Surgical Guide, Ortho Guide

Surgical Guide SG01 is a clear and biocompatible resin
intended for printing dental surgical guides. It is certified by
FDA as Class I medical instrument and meets ISO 10993
standards, making it ideal for customized, non-implantable
use with body contact limited to 24 hours. SG01 is a rigid
polymer with minimal flex, which allows it to maintain its form
during dental surgeries.

—>Biocompatible, transparent

GM11 Gingiva Mask

Gingiva Mask GM11 is an excellent choice for replicating
gingiva contours for digital implant cases. GM11 is a flexible
material that can assist in planning the emergence profile for
digital implant restorations.

—>Flexible, gingiva color

TR01 Custom Tray

Tray TR01 is a biocompatible material with a high elastic
modulus making it an outstanding choice for printing custom
trays. The high elastic modulus allows the printed tray to
resist flexion under high pressure leading to more accurate
impressions. Its biocompatibility makes it safe for short term
use in the mouth.

—>Biocompatible, high stability


With SHINING DENT printing materials, SHINING 3D offers you cost-effective 3D printing solutions for restorations, implants and orthodontics.