Removable Denture Restoration with Digital Technology

Case Profile

Today’s case is about removable denture restoration. A 76-year-old male patient had been suffering from teeth loss in the lower jaw, which had caused issues with chewing. It led to a decreased quality of life and he would like Dr. Jeffrey Gao to find an affordable solution for this issue.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Several examinations were taken during the patient’s initial visit, including facial photos taken from different angles (Fig 1,2,3), a panoramic radiograph for detailed teeth examination (Fig 4), and intraoral photos (Fig 5,6).

Fig 1-3:Facial photos from different angles

Fig 4: Panoramic radiograph

Fig 5,6: Intraoral photos of the lower jaw and upper jaw

Two treatment plans were presented to the patient: one involved implant restorations which included implant surgery and upper restorations; the other option was removable denture which is more cost-effective and less time-consuming compared to implant. Considering the cost and age factors, the patient chose a removable denture restoration as his treatment.

Treatment Process

Dr. Jeffrey Gao captured the upper jaw, lower jaw, and bite data using Aoralscan 3 Wireless. Equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, the Aoralscan 3 Wireless gives you the same fast scanning experience as a wired connection without lag (Fig 7,8,9).

capture intraoral data before the removable denture restoration

Fig 7: Dr. Jeffrey Gao was conducting the scan process to capture intraoral data

Fig 8,9: The data was displayed on the screen in real-time during the scan process

After completing the scan process, the intraoral data was sent to the lab via SHINING 3D’s dental cloud platform. The technicians in the lab manually fabricated and inspected the removable denture on a printed model.

The patient was very satisfied with the treatment result, as it fixed his problem at a minimum cost. He can now eat most foods without any obvious issues. The case of removable denture restoration has been finished successfully.

Comments from Dr. Jeffrey Gao

First off, for our older patients, using the Aoralscan 3 Wireless intraoral scanner can cut down on unnecessary visits and save them time while also making the whole process more comfortable. Compared to traditional physical impressions, SHINING 3D’s intraoral scanner is faster and more efficient at creating digital dental models. I really like it.


Dr. Jeffrey Gao, the Co-Founder of Experteeth Dental Group, is a professional prosthetist at the Head Technician Odontex Laboratory. Dr. Jeffrey draws on his extensive clinical dental experience to ensure patients receive the best prosthetic support. He also has extensive knowledge in full-mouth prosthetics and All-on-4 Prosthetics.