Scanning with AutoScan-DS-MIX to Upper 6-6 Implant Based Bridge

Case information

Tooth Position: # 12、 # 15 、 # 22、 # 25
Implant System: ICX
Restoration type: Implant-based bridge
Material: Titanium
Superstructure type: #16-26 Resin crowns
SHADE: #16-26 A2
Case source: Shenzhen Jiahong Dental Medical Co.,Ltd;Shenzhen Wotofo Technology Co.,Ltd


1.1 Scan – Create an order

Create order of reduced wax-up bridge.

1.1 Scan – Scan with AutoScan-DS-MIX

Thanks to AutoScan-DS-MIX’s exceptional scan performance, all the details are perfectly kept with high accuracy. 

1.2 Design – Matching in exocad

1.2 Design – exocad Design

Design the bridge in exocad.

1.3 Milling

CNC machine: Willemin 308B

1.4 Complete the metal bridge 

High fitness between bridge and implants, even just lock one screw.

1.5 Post-processing

2. Finish

The AutoScan-DS-MIX high-end dental lab 3D scanner developed by SHINING 3D convinces users with its open design and modular structure featuring fine details, high accuracy as well as high efficiency fulfilling users’ demands of a wide range of applications including but not limited to crowns & bridges,abutments, bars, etc.