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3D Diagnostic Models – Combination of Smile Design and Face scan

Overview Combining the“face scan”data captured by EinScan-Pro and exocad’s smile design module to greatly improve…

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Impression Post & Core Restoration Case

Overview: Single Post&Core and dual-Post&Core impression, use DS-EX PRO Blue scanner to scan and exocad…

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Chairside Restoration with DS-EX Series 3D Scanner

Overview: With the help of Shining 3D’s DS-EX 3D scanner, one dental hospital successfully accomplished…

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AutoScan-DS-EX 3D Scanner for Anterior Teeth Injury

Overview: The patient at Hangzhou Greentown Stomatological Hospital was diagnosed with anterior teeth injury and…

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SHINING 3D’s DS300 Scanner Empowers Full Edentulous Jaw Implant Restoration

Overview With the help of SHINING 3D’s DS300 Dental Scanner, through application of Exocad software…

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