MetiSmile Digital Smile Design Practice and Tutorial Videos are Here!

Since its launch in March of this year, the MetiSmile 3D face scanner has gained…

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Implant Restoration in Anterior Aesthetic Area

The restoration of implants in the anterior aesthetic zone always poses a challenge to achieve…

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Aesthetic Restoration Case Empowered by Digital Virtual Patient

Nowadays, traditional oral restoration is gradually being replaced by more convenient, rapid, and comfortable digital…

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Full Mouth Occlusion Reconstruction Implant Case

In the past and even now, full mouth occlusion reconstruction has been a highly challenging…

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One-Stop Solution for Orthodontics Treatment from SHINING 3D

Orthodontics is a very hot field in the dental industry, more and more people are…

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Occlusion reconstruction of upper jaw using digital implants and restorations

With a higher level of life quality, people pay more attention to dental health issues.…

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