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Scanning with AutoScan-DS-MIX to Make Toronto Bridge with Superstructures

Scanning with AutoScan-DS-MIX to make toronto bridge with superstructures

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Surgical Guide in Maxillary Sinus Lifting

Surgical guide in maxillary sinus lifting

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Chairside Real-time Implant Temporary Restoration

Chairside Real-time Implant Temporary Restoration

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Aoralscan – Chairside Real-Time Implant Restoration

Case Information The 51-old female patient complained of the molar loss for half a year.Diagnosis:…

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Digitized Chairside Restoration – Application of Aoralscan Intraoral Scanner and AccuFab-D1 Printer

Case Information Female patient 20+ years old.The patient complained of bouts of tooth pain and…

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3D Implant Model – Application of AccuFab-D1

Abstract Nowadays, data transmission is commonly used & No logistic delivery is involved. But the…

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