Application of Aoralscan 3 in Immediate Loading

Intraoral scanners are a critical component of modern dental practices, which allow for more accurate…

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Application of Aoralscan 3 in immediate implants and immediate loading of anterior teeth

As digital technology increasingly permeates the usage of dentistry, intraoral digital impression scanning is developing…

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Digital Impression

Traditionally, creating an impression involves using dental impression material to form a mould of the…

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How to use margin line identity function in SHINING 3D Aoralscan software to improve clinic’s workflow efficiency

When visiting our clients, we found that some dentists in clinics and technicians in labs always…

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Permanent crown on post and core_CreaMed

Permanent crown on post and core: the perfect synergy between intraoral scan and 3D printing…

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Why digital imprinting is a trend: Interview with Štěpán Vinkler, MDDr.

Part 1: Different workflow, higher accuracy, Aoralscan solve the problem of traditional silicone printing Doctor, how do…

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