SHINING 3D Dental Announces Partnership with Pac-Dent

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Brea, California (September 1st, 2023) – Dental Manufacturer Pac-Dent, Inc. and 3D Printer Manufacturer SHINING 3D are proud to announce the introduction of Pac-Dent’s Rodin™ Sculpture and the Rodin™ 3D Resins to the SHINING 3D line of printers.

Indicated for the printing of single crowns, inlays, onlay and veneers, Pac-Dent’s Rodin™ Sculpture is a FDA 510k cleared Class IIa medical device that fulfills all the necessary regulatory requirements for permanent and temporary restorations. Due to Rodin™ Sculpture’s unique formulation of over 50% ceramic filler, permanent crowns printed with this ceramic nanohybrid resin qualify for insurance reimbursements under newly amended ADA insurance codes.

This high concentration of true ceramic fillers in Rodin™ Sculpture also provides best-in-class radiopacity and maximum fracture resistance of printed restorations. Rodin™ Sculpture is now available to order in 18 shades, corresponding with the Vita shade guide system, as well as three size configurations.  

The following Pac-Dent Rodin™ Resins are now validated on the Shining 3D AccuFab-L4D and Shining 3D AccuFab-L4K printers:

  • Rodin™ Sculpture
  • Rodin™ Try-In
  • Rodin™ Ortho IBT
  • Rodin™ Model
  • Rodin™ Surgical Guide

About Pac-Dent

Pac-Dent, Inc. is a dynamic and rapidly expanding wholesale dental product and device company. With over 30 years of industry experience since its establishment in 1992, Pac-Dent has earned a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality, technologically advanced, and innovative products. Specializing in preventive care, 3D resins, restoratives, teeth whitening, endodontics, and infection control segments, Pac-Dent remains at the forefront of the dental industry.

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Founded in 2004, SHINING 3D has focused on the research & development, manufacturing, and application of high-precision 3D digital products for over 18 years. Offering accessible, efficient and high-tech solutions, SHINING3D is committed to becoming a key contributor of the 3D digital technology field with global influence, promoting the popularization and application of 3D digital technology.

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