Digital Dentistry and Smile Esthetics with SHINING 3D Dental by Dr. Anthony Ceccacci

Dr. Anthony Ceccacci is a Dentist at Madison Avenue Smiles and CARE Esthetics NYC, a group that specializes in advanced facial esthetics. He has been using digital dentistry techniques for about 10 years and recently welcomed us into his clinic to share his experience.

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Dr. Ceccacci is a practicing dentist for CARE Esthetics at his Madison Avenue Smiles clinic. He’s been utilizing digital dentistry technology for over 10 years, and believes that it has completely transformed the way he practices dentistry.

One of the main benefits is its ability to save time, not only for practitioners but for patients. “In New York City, where there’s typically a time constraint with patients, it seems to make our workflow for them a lot more efficient,” he explained.

With his team, Dr. Ceccacci leverages intraoral 3D scanning, face 3D scanning, and 3D printing to meet his patients’ various esthetic smile needs. He feels that this technology mix is a unique advantage to have in such a busy and bustling city.

Digital Dentistry and Facial Esthetics With SHINING 3D Dental

Dr. Ceccacci recently acquired SHINING 3D Dental’s complete solution:

He has found that SHINING 3D’s technology has been particularly useful in his practice, due to its price point and unique features. “SHINING 3D has brought to the market, at the moment, something at a price point that’s highly acceptable to get into,” he told us. “The scanner itself is highly valuable compared to what other options are out there right now.”

In terms of features, Dr. Ceccacci appreciates the freedom and comfort that the AoralScan 3 Wireless offers. He also mentions its dual tip sizes, enabling him and his team to adapt to patients with smaller mouths.

Plus, the 3D scanners and their software are easy to use, quick, and efficient, according to him. “Most of the scanning in the office is done by my staff (…). It’s intuitive for them and when we’re introducing new technology, we just want it to be seamless and easy,” he added.

On another note, Dr. Ceccacci brings up the “wow factor” from the patient standpoint, mentioning that “patients typically start to giggle because they never see themselves in 3D and it’s kind of amusing to them.”

Last but not least, the AccuFab-L4D/L4K’s large print capacity enables him to perform stackable printed trays and models. This way, he can cater to multiple cases simultaneously for even more efficiency.

Note: All SHINING 3D Dental solutions work seamlessly together with included lifetime software licenses and updates (no subscriptions needed). You can export STL files to your preferred open-source software.


Dr. Ceccacci and his Madison Avenue Smiles team have already been familiar with digital dentistry for about a decade. They recently upgraded their equipment to utilize the latest technologies in the field, and have been pleased with the results so far.

The solutions boast a short learning curve, high efficiency, and comfort at a valuable price point. SHINING 3D Dental’s product pricing and features have been instrumental in consistently reaching results for both technicians and patients.

“I can’t see why any practice can’t integrate it, for something as simple as just making models for aligners or perhaps making provisionals in-house. If you engage in using a digital approach in your office, I think it will rid you of multiple headaches and human errors,” he concludes.

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