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Dear SHINING 3D Partners and Friends,

In these tough days when everyone is asked to make sacrifices, by staying away from families, friends and own jobs, we would like to show you our closeness by creating something that we hope will be useful and pleasant to face these days together:

We are planning a series of live webinars on our facebook page @SHINING 3D DENTAL, every Tuesday and Thursday for the following weeks, where our experts and products specialists will share an overview of possible digital solutions available for users of SHINING 3D, exocad and Maestro 3D products, both in clinics and labs.

1March 24th4:30pm(CET)Job Definition in exocad Chairside and Live Scanning with SHINING 3D Intraoral Scanner Aoralscan, and exocad Chairside designFilippo
2March 26th4:30pm(GMT+8)New Amazing Functions with AutoScan-DS-EX Pro! (Presentation with Live Demo)Tony Liao 
3March 31st4:30pm(CET)From Scanning to Creation of SHINING 3D Intraoral Scanner Aoralscan and Model Printing with AccuFab-D1 (Part 1)EMEA DENTAL TEAM
4April 2nd10:30am(GMT+8)How to Scan with SHINING 3D Intraoral Scanner Aoralscan?Ryan He
5April 7th4:30pm(CET)From Scanning to Creation of SHINING 3D Intraoral Scanner Aoralscan and Model Printing with AccuFab-D1 (Part 1)EMEA DENTAL TEAM
6April 9th4:30pm(GMT+8)How to Print More Efficiently with SHINING 3D AccuFab-D1?Johnny Ma
7April 14th 4:30pm(CET)Focus on Maestro 3D for Design of Orthodontic Aligner EMEA DENTAL TEAM
8April 16th4:30pm(CET)Scanning of Impression with AutoScan-DS-EX Pro and Direct Integration with exocad Dental CAD for Design of Printed Model with Removable DiesEMEA DENTAL TEAM
9 April 21st4:30pm(CET)Design of a Partial Framework and Printing Process with the Metal Printer SHINING 3D EP-M150EMEA DENTAL TEAM
10 April 23rd4:30pm(CET)
Scanning of Implant Model  and Direct Integration with exoplan
April 28th 
4:30pm(CET)exoplan Guide Creator and Printing of Surgical Guides with AccuFab-D1EMEA DENTAL TEAM

During live webinars, all participants will be able to directly interact with our experts for questions and comments about the specific topics of the day.

All live sessions will be recorded and uploaded on our youtube channel Shining 3D Dental

Feel free to invite all your customers and leads to join our webinars and step into our digital dentistry solution!

Stay safe and let’s meet on webinars
SHINING 3D Dental Team