SHINING 3D Dental Webinar Goes on Another Round

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Dear SHINING 3D Partners and Friends,

Thank you for joining our webinars in the last weeks, for all your questions and feedback! We are excited to announce that our webinar series is not over yet and therefore would like to give you a preview of what we are up to teach you in the next sessions:

• Design of a partial framework and printing process with the SHINING 3D EP-M150 MPBF Printer

on April 28th, at 5.30 pm CEST

• Scanning of Implant Model and Direct Integration with exoplan 

on May 5th, at 5.30 pm CEST

• Exoplan Guide Creator and Printing of Surgical Guides with AccuFab-D1

on May 12th, at 5.30 pm CEST

As last time, you will find all the information on our Facebook page @SHINING 3D DENTAL, our experts and products specialists will share an overview of possible digital solutions available for users of SHINING 3D and exocad products, both in clinics and labs.
During live webinars, all participants will be able to directly interact with our experts for questions and comments about the specific topics of the day.
All live sessions will be recorded and uploaded on our Youtube channel Shining 3D Dental.

Feel free to invite all your customers and leads to join our webinars and step into our digital dentistry solution!

Stay safe and let’s meet on webinars
SHINING 3D Dental Team

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