SHINING 3D Introduces AccuFab-CEL: Advancing Dental 3D Printing at LabDay 2024

Chicago, February 22, 2024 – SHINING 3D, a global pioneer in 3D digitization and printing solutions, officially unveiled its latest dental 3D printer, AccuFab-CEL, at the largest dental laboratory event in the United States, LabDay 2024. On top of that, the new printer will also be making its first official appearance in Europe at Expodental, Madrid and Dental Expo, Amsterdam. This revolutionary printer propels chairside 3D printing to new levels of speed and accuracy, setting a new standard for performance in the dental 3D printing field.

With a new mainboard and high-performance light panel, AccuFab-CEL shortens printing time and improves efficiency. With this printer, users can achieve impressive printing times, such as 14 minutes for orthodontic models and just 20 minutes* for surgical guides or implant models. The printer’s “Collimated Programmable Lithography” technology ensures uniform light distribution, improving accuracy to up to ±35μm.

Join our live technical webinar and learn everything there is to the AccuFab-CEL

Session 1: 2024-03-18 09:00 AM Europe/Berlin

Session 2: 2024-03-18 12:00 PM America/New York

As the pioneer of the ceramic platform, AccuFab-CEL offers the option of small and large ceramic platforms. The chemically inert and biocompatible ceramic layer ensures safety during printing and prevents any residues from attaching to the printed products, making them non-toxic and safe when placed in the patient’s mouth. The use of a ceramic platform also improves the overall print quality by reducing contamination.Both small and standard ceramic platforms have a longer lifespan compared to platforms made from other materials, providing customers with an unparalleled user experience.

The cabin temperature and humidity are continuously monitored during printing. The results are displayed on the printer’s touch screen, warning users of any conditions that may cause printing failure.If the temperature is too low, the cabin will be heated up before printing. This heating function ensures accuracy and stability during printing, resulting in a higher success rate.

Kevin Ping, the Product Director of SHINING 3D Dental, states, “Our goal is to enhance efficiency, accuracy and consistency for dental professionals and improve patient outcomes. AccuFab-CEL is a powerful addition to our end-to-end solution, helping dental professionals in their treatment.”

*The situation refers to the layer thickness: 100μm. Printing time may vary based on different layer thicknesses and the number of printable layers.


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