【Download】Explore Our Brand New Features for MetiSimile Face Scanner Software!

Dear SHINING3D users,
We are delighted to announce the latest enhancements to our MetiSmile Face 3D Scanner, which is the first face scanner developed and produced by SHINING 3D exclusively for dentistry. lt can quickly capture the facial information to create 3D model and assist in clinical diagnosis with its advanced software. With the new updated software features, it is designed specifically to elevate your digital dentistry experience.
These updates introduce a host of powerful features aimed at improving scanning, designing, and printing processes within dental clinics. Our new Ortho Simulation renders the entire process realistic and vivid, significantly improving communication between dentists and patients. It also ensures a smoother, more efficient clinical experience, reflecting SHINING3D’s exceptional creativity.

Face Scanner Software V1.2.1.3:

Integration of DICOM, Facial, and Intraoral Scan Data for Virtual Patient Creation

Ortho Simulation for Visualizing Facial Changes

Enhanced Beard Scan

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Face Scan Software V1.2.1.3 :

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Thank you for choosing SHINING 3D. We remain committed to empowering your dental practice with innovative solutions and look forward to enhancing your clinical experience.

SHINING 3D Dental Team