Digital Smile Design


Wang Nan
Core member of digital aesthetics studio at Hangzhou dental Hospital (west branch)

Products required

Aoralscan intraoral scanner
EinScan face 3D scanner
AccuFab-D1 3D printer

Case Overview

2016.1 First visit

2016.5 Periodontal and dental basic treatment

2019.5 After orthodontic treatment

Chief complaint: bad-looking anterior teeth, together with maxillary posterior tooth loss and tooth body defect

Preoperative Examination

Red and swollen gums, tooth calculus , soft tartar in level 3
Periodontal bleeding and no obvious “attachment loss”
#14, #24 teeth missing
#33 – #43 decay in lip and approximal side; #34, #45, #47 severe decay
#13 – #23 partial tooth loss and aesthetic defect

1.Face is symmetrical on the left and right sides

2.No obvious disorder in the lower third of the patient’s face 

3.No obvious discomfort or tenderness in joints

1.Connection between the two pupils are horizontal  

2.Midline is slightly off-center

3.The upper and lower incisal plane is slightly off-center

1.E-line : The upper lip lies behind the E-line 

2.Nasolabial Angle: 90°-95° for male, 100°-105° for female

Treatment Plan

Stage I

  1. Perform complete oral cleaning then prep and restore #12- #22 with resin temporary crowns
  2. Full arch periodontal treatment
  3. #14, #24 implant-based restoration
  4. #33, #34, #45 RCT and #16, #34 anatomic crown restoration

Oral rehabilitation within 3 months after the first stage of treatment

Stage II

Aesthetic restoration of upper anterior teeth

Major problems:

1.Periodontal treatment
2.Aesthetic defect of anterior teeth
3.Coordination between the restoration and the patient’s face


Face-oriented aesthetic restoration

1. Data acquisition

Acquire data with SHINING 3D’s Aoralscan intraoral scanner

2. DSD design – 2D DSD

2.1. DSD design – 3D DSD

3. Diagnostic model making

4. Mock up

5. Tooth preparation

Once the mock up is confirmed, prepare patient’s teeth.

6. Shade

Determine the tooth shade after tooth preparation

7. Data acquisition

Acquire the intraoral data after tooth preparation with SHINING 3D’s Aoralscan intraoral scanner.

8. Finish restoration

9. Try-in

Analysis of try-in

Special thanks to Hangzhou Dental Hospital