Smarter Post-processing

· A Consistent, Automated Workflow
· Automated Part-Release
· One Size Fits All
· Never Think About Wash Time Setting Again
· Easy To Use, Safeguards Your Workplace


FabWash is the first fully automated, multi-stage part release, washing and drying system designed to provide the ease of use, consistency, speed, and cleanliness demanded by the modern dental 3D printing.


A Consistent, Automated Workflow

FabWash is pre-programmed for each material with an automatic process of part release, wash and dry. Once completes, FabWash automatically lifts parts and builds platform out of the solvent. Parts and build platform are ready when you are.

Automated Part-Release

Inspired by the latest input from the dental community, FabWash is designed for instant part release, eliminating the risk of damaging parts using traditional removal tools. FabWash prepares optimal motion logic for each material to deliver a superior, hassle-free part release experience.

One Size Fits All

Handle AccuFab-L4D/L4K build platform or AccuFab-D1s build platform with the separate build platform adaptor.

Never Think About Wash Time Setting Again

Use the pre-programmed wash settings or save your own frequently used custom profiles to improve post-processing efficiency. FabWash equipped with Wi-Fi enables over-the-air updates to deploy the latest firmware and material library.


Easy To Use, Safeguards Your Workplace

We know that one of the most precious resources in a dental clinic is time. So in addition to making FabWash run an extremely fast cycle, we made it dead simple to operate. If your staff can operate a smartphone, they can use Pro Wash/Dry with very little training. And to reduce maintenance, we sourced innovative materials that are resistant to chemicals.


Printer Compatibility

AccuFab-D1s, AccuFab-L4D/L4K

Product Weight & Dimensions

34*30.3*45 cm
Height when open: 75 cm

Bucket Volume


Maximum Part Size

199*124*180 mm

Suggested Operating Environment

10~30℃ / 30%~70%RH

Suggested Transportation Environment


Agitation Method

Magnetically coupled impeller

Include Accessories

Wash Bucket / Wash Basket / Scraper / Brush

The adapter / Quick Guide

Power Requirements

100–240 V / 2.0A 50/60 Hz
24V / 150 W

Compatible Solvent

> 75% alcohol, IPA, Water



User Controls

1.54 inch OLED & Rotary knob

Safety Sensors

Automatic start/stop sensors; Build platform detection sensor

Solvent bucket detection sensor; Safety pressure sensor

Emergency stop switch

Product Features

Automatic part release function; Automatic predefined wash/dry function

User programmable wash/dry option

Notice: * Based on Shining 3D internal test standard.