SHINING 3D integrates AGE Solutions’ Maestro 3D Ortho Studio software solution into its digital dental solution

Aug 1st, 2018, Hangzhou, China – SHINING 3D, a leading company in 3D digitizing and 3D printing industry, is pleased to a announce its new partnership with AGE Solutions -a professional dental design software solution provider- to integrate their orthodontics design software -Maestro 3D Ortho Studio- into its own digital dental solution.

The Maestro 3D Ortho Studio from AGE Solutions, is a dedicated software package used for the orthodontics-oriented inspection, editing and analysis, using high-quality 3D data of patient’s cases.


Powerful – It is a robust and precise CAD software that allows you to work on all types of orthodontic patients’ cases;

Complete – Allows you to make various types of processing;

Fast – Just a few minutes to perform the analysis, inspection and creation;

Easy to use – Thanks to the wizard mode is very easy to perform any operation. In a few easy steps you can add your own virtual bases of the maxillary and mandibular models or achieve transparent masks;

Open – Both inbound and outbound, the software accepts and generates open standard file, making the user free to turn to those who prefer to produce;

Royalty free – No compulsory fee or annual licenses;

While SHINING 3D offers the most comprehensive dental 3D equipment, from all-level dental 3D scanners, to tremendous lines of 3D printers. By adopting the latest innovative technology, SHINING 3D delivers high-quality 3D scan data and 3D printed products.

The partnership comes in response to strong customer demands for a complete solution for orthodontics, allowing for a seamless process from 3D scan, to design, and to print.

“We are excited to team up with AGE Solutions” said Oscar Meza, VP of Global Sales at SHINING 3D, ” because our respective organizations follow the same principle of empowering the users by providing a powerful solution integrating both hardware and software, which is straightforward, cost-effective and user-friendly.” The goal of the partnership, according to Andrea Spinelli, CEO AGE Solutions, is to make the use of 3D technologies available for the masses, proofed by their policy of no annual fees and no compulsory software updates.


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