SHINING 3D DENTAL Spring Launch Event

The countdown has finally come to an end!

Yesterday, March 7th, SHINING 3D unveiled new products that will enhance its range of digital dentistry solutions.

The hype was very high with an online event that saw the participation of many dental professionals: dentists, dental technicians and specialists.

During the launch webinar, Aoralscan 3 Wireless, MetiSmile and FabWash were revealed to the public!

Aoralscan 3 Wireless  – Scan without Limits

Aoralscan 3 Wireless is Shining 3D’s first wireless intra-oral scanner, free from constraints and secondary contamination thus enhancing the whole treatment experience.

It provides a more comfortable experience for dentist and patient without restraints from a wired setup and thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi 6 technology enables a seamless scan experience with fast and stable data transmission. It comes with 3 batteries included in the case, providing up to 2 hours of continuous scanning for each charge.

It offers faster data post-processing speed and self-developed, clinic-friendly functions, including Orthodontic Simulation, Model Creator, Temp Design, Indirect Bonding Tray Design, Oral Health Report and Data Track.

MetiSmile – Beyond Smile

MetiSmile is a facial 3D scanner for dental applications. It can quickly capture data for 3D modeling and assist clinical diagnosis with its advanced software algorithm. It is an integral component of digital dentistry, mainly used in clinical treatment, aesthetic restoration, occlusal reconstruction, etc.

In just 10 seconds this highly perceptive scanner can take photos of patients from multiple angles to simultaneously construct a 3D facial data. Thanks to its three 1.3 MP data acquistition cameras and one 5.0 MP HD texture camera produce scan accuracy within 50μm

MetiSmile also captures elevated details of the teeth and the software will align the facial and intraoral scans which displays the patients’ facial and oral information in a comprehensive way.

Smarter Post-processing

FabWash is a fully-automated part release and washing system completing the AccuFab 3D printing ecosystem. This multi-stage part-release, wash and dry solution is built to deliver the ease-of-use, consistency, speed and cleanliness demanded by the modern 3D printing dental clinic.

FabWash is pre-programmed for each material with an automatic process of part release, wash and dry.  Once completes, FabWash automatically lifts parts and builds platform out of the solvent. Inspired by the latest input from the dental community, FabWash is designed for instant part release, eliminating the risk of damaging parts using traditional removal tools.

FabWash is also equipped with Wi-Fi enabling over-the-air updates to deploy the latest firmware and material library.

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See you next week in Cologne!

Team SHINING 3D Dental



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