ConsulReport: A New Tool for Oral Health Management

The dental market grows significantly due to factors such as increasing awareness of oral health care among young individuals and the ageing global population causing oral issues like tooth loss and looseness. To meet the challenges brought by these demands, dentistry is witnessing continuous advancements in new technologies. These innovations aim to assist dentists in providing faster and more precise treatments while empowering patients to better understand their oral health status and manage it effectively. Among them, the utilization of ConsulReport (Oral health report) has played a significant role.

What is ConsulReport (Oral health report) and what does it look like?

A ConsulReport (Oral health report) is a record made by a dentist after an oral examination. Upon the patient’s arrival, the dentist will provide an intraoral scan with intraoral scanners. With this information, this report is generated by software with little operation of dentists, it includes the disease type, description, and treatment plan. 

The settings window prior to accesssing the ConsulReport (Oral health report)

Fig 1: The settings window

As Figure 1 shows, the settings window prior to accessing the oral health report allows for the selection of the target population, either adult or child. The template type can be chosen as “General Advanced” or “General Basic”. By default, the assist mode is activated to reduce the operations during report generation.

The report will be automatically generated with minimal modification and confirmation. Here is an overview of the report, which includes essential patient information such as name, age, gender, and other details. It also provides a summary for dentists and patients to gain a comprehensive understanding of oral health issues. Additionally, it features five photographs showcasing the dental arch from various angles, along with detailed diagnostic information.

The ConsulReport sample

Fig 2: The ConsulReport (Oral health report) sample, provides comprehensive information and in-depth analysis of the issues, as well as offers viable solutions

What are the functions of the ConsulReport (Oral health report)?

1.ConsulReport (Oral health report) strengthens the communication between patients and dentists

This report plays a crucial role in improving communication between dentists and patients. It provides factual data that comprehensively documents the detailed status of oral health, this enables dentists to explain oral concerns to patients using this report visually. As a result, patients gain a more intuitive understanding of their specific oral problems, fostering a better understanding between dentists and patients. This shared understanding facilitates discussions regarding the most suitable treatment plan. Empowered by the information in the ConsulReport (Oral health report), patients are able to make well-informed decisions. As patient engagement increases, so does the establishment of trust and confidentiality in the dentist-patient relationship; consequently, enhancing patient cooperation during the treatment process and ultimately improving treatment outcomes.

2.ConsulReport (Oral Health Report) helps in patients’ retention

In SHINING 3D’s intraoral scan software, this report can be easily shared using a QR code. Patients can simply scan this QR code with their smartphones to access and view the information. They can also share this report with their family and friends.

Video 1: Scan the QR code, this report can be viewed on your smartphone and shared with your family and friends

Dr. Isaac Tawil, DDS MS, the director of Tawil Dentistry Brooklyn, New York, says the oral health treatment plan report (ConsulReport) is a great tool that helps dentists communicate with their patients, so the patients can better understand the actual treatment plan.

Fig 3: Please click here for the full video

Dr. Tawil’s patients have also benefited from this feature, their favourite being the QR Code generation and sharing feature. By scanning with their phones, sharing their intraoral health became possible.

Fig 4: Voice from the patients

Hiroshi Sugita, the director of WisteriaDentalCare, said the oral health report (ConsulReport) serves as a valuable tool to keep patients mindful of their oral well-being. It goes beyond the confines of the clinic, becoming an ongoing aspect of their daily lives. This approach extends oral health management to the family level, fostering long-term engagement and concern. Consequently, patients are more likely to revisit the clinic that provides them with these informative reports.

Fig 5: “The point of ‘displaying the scanned data to the patient’ I just mentioned is very good. It means that a QR code will appear on the screen, and the QR code will be given to the patient who could scan the code by himself.” (Hiroshi Sugita, the director of WisteriaDentalCare, 2023)

Regular check-ups enable the identification of potential issues and the prevention of oral diseases. Additionally, ongoing treatment can address any existing problems. This process helps build a lasting trust between patients and the clinic. As a result, patient loyalty is strengthened, the clinic’s reputation grows, and more patients are drawn in. This contributes to heightened visibility and business growth, making the ConsulReport (Oral health report) an essential tool for high-end clinics.

3.ConsulReport (Oral health report) optimizes the daily clinical prevention and treatment practice

This report records detailed conditions within the oral cavity and serves as a critical reference for treatment. Based on the report, dentists can develop personalized treatment plans for patients. These plans may involve procedures such as restoration, root canal therapy, and tooth extraction, all aimed at ensuring oral health.

This report also acts as a baseline for assessing a patient’s oral health status. During follow-up appointments, dentists can evaluate treatment effectiveness and identify any new issues by comparing the current report with previous ones. Additionally, the report might include preventive recommendations from dentists, assisting patients in preventing oral diseases. These approaches enhance the comprehensiveness of disease records, systematize prevention and tracking of cases, and provide a reliable reference for treating, ultimately leading to improved treatment outcomes.

How to generate a ConsulReport?

Video 2: How to generate the ConsulReport

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Note: The report sample in this article is for reference only, and the specific information is subject to the signed paper report of the hospital.