Aesthetic Porcelain Veneers

Step 1: Photographic Data Collection

Front facing image acquisition
Side profile image acquisition
Retracted image for DSD
Lip line and smile line image acquisition
Lip line and smile line profile image acquisition
Intraoral retracted frontal image
Intraoral retracted lateral image
Intraoral black background photography
Intraoral occlusal mirror view
Shade selection #1: Nature tooth shade comparison
Shade selection #2: Shade guide with gingiva indicator
Shade selection #3: Comparison with desired shade
Shade selection #4: Shade selection under polarizer
Shade selection #5: Tooth stump shade selection

Step 2: Data collection with Face scanner and intraoral scanner

Acquire upper and lower jaw data with Shining 3D’s Aoralscan
Data acquired with intraoral scanner
Upper and lower jaw data
Acquire facial data with Shining 3D’s face scanner
Smile, retracted and combination of data scanned by intraoral scanner and face scanner
Alignment of data scanned by face scanner and intraoral scanner

Step 3: DSD and Model Creator

Smile Design
Design effect under the reference of 3D facial data
Model Measurements: Thickness of cervical 1/3 – Thickness of middle 1/3 – Thickness of incisal 1/3
Model creation of Smile Design for model printing
Create models for model printing
Generate temporary crowns

Step 4: Temporary crowns and model printing

Print pre-op model and print diagnostic model
Print temporary veneers
Fit check of temporaries on the pre-op model
Thickness check of the temporary veneers
Temporary veneers fit check and aesthetic effect

Step 5: Try-in of the temporary veneers

Temporary veneers – intraoral view
3D printed temporary veneers – lateral buccal view
3D printed temporary veneers – lateral smile view
3D printed temporary veneers – anterior smile view
3D printed temporary veneers – full frontal face view and profile side view

Step 6: Tooth preparation

Mark and create depth cuts for veneers preparation – temporaries removal
Prepare to expected depth – Preparation of the incisal – Preparation of the cervical
After reduction
Finish preparation
Tooth stump shade selection

Step 7: Complete final restoration according to temporary veneers

Rapid glass-ceramic chairside milling
Try-on of veneers on model
After staining and sintering

Step 8: Bonding of veneers

Treatment of prepared tooth prior to bonding

Polish the prepared tooth with polishing paste
Intraoral photography after bonding
Final result