Full guided implant surgery

In order to improve the precision of implantation and the accuracy of flapless procedure in complicated dental implant surgery, the position and depth of the implant can be controlled to avoid mistakes caused by improper human operation. Navigation technology for full guided implant surgery by combining preoperative data with digital model, surgical guide can be designed and printed by rapid prototyping technology, which can complete all surgical procedures of implantation accurately. Based on the 3D simulated surgery, the position of bone tissue and nerve can be accurately analyzed without the cumbersome and inconvenient plaster model taking, so as to determine the ideal and safe position of implant, furthermore, the operation is minimally invasive and painless.

This is a 31-year-old female patient, #26 has too serious caries to be restored, and now it needs to be extracted and restored with immediate implant.

Acquire upper arch data with Aoralscan3 from SHINING3D. Thanks to the feature of “true color”, Patient can not only comfortably complete the impression taking, but also clearly know the specific situation in the mouth, especially the tooth #26, which helps patient  understands the dentist’s restoration plan better.

Combined with CBCT, virtual visual implant planning was realized in the design software. The maxillary sinus can be accurately created in the software, so the height from the bottom of the maxillary sinus to the top of the alveolar can be known in the planning software, so as to determine the length of the implant, whether the maxillary sinus needs to be lifted or the height  need to be lifted. After planning, we can generate a surgical guide and all the planning information can be outputted as a carrier through the surgical guide.

As it is difficult to find a suitable healing abutment because of the large fossa after extraction. Therefore, we can also design a personalized healing abutment before extraction.

The surgical guide can be printed quickly with 3D printer – AccuFab-D1 from SHINING3D.

Under the guidance of the surgical guide, the implant bed is prepared step by step with the reamer and finally placed accordingly.

After surgery, a prefabricated personalized healing abutment can be used to fit the socket.

The patient completed the implant surgery with this navigation technology, and the implant placement was accurate, which fully met the preoperative design and requirements. Patient only had a small trauma and the effect was very satisfied.


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