AutoScan-DS-EX Cost-effective Dental 3D Scanner

AutoScan-DS-EX is an unexpectedly cost-effective option for the dental market. This brand new 3D dental scanner will amaze the dental world with its unmatched small footprint and unprecedented light-weight. This will make it the ideal scanning solution for any dental service bureau and labs with restricted space.

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Pre-sale from July 26th to August 31th, 2017 

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Early Bird Promotion on AutoScan-DS-EX

We are pleased to announce that the pre-sale of Shining 3D new dental 3D scanner AutoScan-DS-EX will start from July 26th to August 31st. Special pricing will be available for pre-ordering. Book early and save more. Make your reservation in advance to enjoy best available discount.


Fully Open Structure

support the 3D scanning of most articulators available in the market, such as Artex, KAVO, etc.

Multiple Functions Available

· Articulator scanning : support the 3D scanning of most articulators available in the market, such as Artex, KAVO, etc.

· Triple-tray scanning :   more convenient triple-tray impression scanning with optimized jig.

· Texture scanning :  marks on dental models can be captured clearly, providing reference for further design work.

· Continuous Scanning : The AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner provides an optimal data post-processing option through LAN net-work.

Clinic Mode Added

With the clinic mode, desktop 3D scanner can be applied to dental clinics directly to support chair-side restoration solutions.

Open Data Format

Export STL data, high compatibility with current open CAD/CAM software and hardware in the market.

The Upcoming AutoScan-DS-EX Introduction Dental Workshops in India

The AutoScan-DS-EX introduction workshop will start from 28th July to 3rd Aug in India, introducing and demonstrating AutoScan-DS-EX by the Shining 3D dental team. Contact us and leave your message if you are going to join us.

28-Jul (Friday)
  • Shining 3D Partner: Pavilion Cad Cam
  • City: New Delhi
30-Jul (Sunday)
  • Shining 3D Partner: Universal Dental Concepts
  • City: Ahmadabad
3-Aug (Thursday)
  • Shining 3D Partner: RR Dental Products
  • City: Hyderabad
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